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Eco-Grief & Eco-Anxiety. Help For A New Reality.

12 Jan


Eco-grief is the grief felt in response to experienced or anticipated ecological loss. Eco-anxiety is a chronic fear of environmental doom. Creeping environmental changes are now cascading ahead at a catastrophic pace and have been rightly upgraded to a climate emergency. 

When our senses are inundated with a torrent of news, filled with the horror and sadness of global disasters, sensitive people begin to wobble and topple.

Scientists are telling us “like it is.” We need to listen. Dire warnings, horrific natural disasters, death, displaced people, species extinction, rising seas, soaring temperatures, extreme drought, diminished air quality, degradation of waterways and raging bushfires destroying trees, homes, animals, people and even those saving the Continue reading

10 Fun Things To Do On A Blood Moon.

8 Oct


Blood Moon-002

Why not take some time this evening to ponder this question: How does what I am doing right now, serve the agenda of my soul?

Shine On Maya Angelou.

30 May
Maya Angelou quote

Maya Angelou quote

The moment I learnt of Maya Angelou’s death, I firstly felt sad for Oprah and imagined what kind of gaping loss she must be feeling for her mentor, fairy godmother and phenomenal woman friend. Then I got the prickles all over me, a reminder from the heavens that Maya is still shining, influencing, guiding and spreading her wisdom, all be it in a new way.

Obama said “Her death has dimmed one of the brightest lights of our time.” He added: “A childhood of suffering and abuse actually drove her to stop speaking, but the voice she found helped generations of Americans find their rainbow amidst the clouds, and inspired the rest of us to be our best selves.”

How many of us live with such bravery and conviction? How many of us live passionately on purpose, courageously sharing the kind of wisdom that may guide or positively influence the lives of many? I am going to remember her life as a glorious gift worthy of great celebration.

“She lived a life as a teacher, activist, artist and human being. She was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace,” her son, Guy B Johnson said.

Maya’s many sayings, which I always imagine her reading out loud in that gorgeous deep, calming voice of hers, not only drive me to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud, but they colourfully smear themselves into the essence of who I am and what I am here to do, and I am forever grateful for her paving the way for me, and all of us, who believe we can make a difference.

As Maya once said “Just do right.”

Platform Building.

3 Feb

Getting things in order

Not only do authors get to research, gather information, stay inspired, write a book, rewrite a book, edit their book, line edit their book, oversee the design process and book marketing graphics, they also have to beaver away and build their platform so that they have enough wonderful people to buy their book and spread the word to others to buy the book.

Right now it feels easier to let exhaustion wash over me as I wait for the release of Fairytale Love, How to Love Happily Ever After. The temptation to take on Sleeping Beauty tendencies and Continue reading

Lady Luck.

12 Oct


I love potential. I love seeing brave people going after their dreams, taking chances, combining talent with lady luck. I also enjoy most parts of reality shows that give people a chance to shine, whether they’re renovating houses, singing or performing in talent shows. What I enjoy less is the mocking and trashing that sometimes accompanies it.

Everyday-people can sometimes be too quick to Continue reading

Why Inspiration Is Everything.

12 Oct

Whether we trip over it by accident, or intentionally seek it out, inspiration is one of the most fulfilling ingredients of life. It invites a deeper sense of connection, a stronger sense of belonging and throws us a lifeline that links us to our particular tribe.

monarch butterfly up close

Fascination beckons us to step closer, to lean in, to listen, to look, to drink in the beauty, to marvel at and become enchanted by. If we keep paying attention, something will eventually roar right at us and resonate with the raw passion that lives within. You will know when it awakens, it will make your heart sing, give you goosebumps, bring a tear to your eye, make you giggle with delight and leave you hungry for more.

Inspiration arouses interest, enriches and enlivens. It’s like a relay race. We take what we get given, put our own slant on it, burst forward with productivity and creativity, and pass it forward which in turn inspires others.

Bite size pieces of inspiration are like dragon food. They feed our starving souls and fiery imaginations and drive us forward on our own passionate path fueling us to further engage in new possibilities, to create more ferociously and love more fiercely.

What inspires you?