Platform Building.

3 Feb

Getting things in order

Not only do authors get to research, gather information, stay inspired, write a book, rewrite a book, edit their book, line edit their book, oversee the design process and book marketing graphics, they also have to beaver away and build their platform so that they have enough wonderful people to buy their book and spread the word to others to buy the book.

Right now it feels easier to let exhaustion wash over me as I wait for the release of Fairytale Love, How to Love Happily Ever After. The temptation to take on Sleeping Beauty tendencies and sleep for a hundred years before I launch is not an option I actually have, so it’s a short Goldilocks nap on a furry creature’s bed before the next step.

In order to fulfill my dream and have Hay House pick me up and welcome me into their family of published authors, I need to be successful and sell a lot of copies. I would love it if you could all start spreading the word and invite people to follow me on Facebook  or Instagram or see if they will subscribe to this blog and share posts or Instagram pics or cute pig photos, whatever it takes to authentically build my audience. For that I am truly grateful in advance.

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