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Why Fairytales Are Good For Grown Ups.

7 Nov

“To be attracted to or repelled by a fairy tale indicates that the story contains something that resonates with an unconscious process in the reader or listener, for one cannot be attracted or repelled unless one recognizes something that is personally meaningful.” -Meredith B Mitchell.

Fairytales parallel common human conditions. They resonate deep within us in emotionally creative ways and invite us into illogical, impractical, unrealistic, wonderful and terrifying worlds where good opposes evil, magic exists, and animals transform into people.

Because a fairytale is a story with a simple plot, stereotypical characters, universal themes, with elements of ideas and imagery from a vast array of human experiences that we can identify with, they are a perfect and safe playground for us to explore our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Fairytales tell us all about all kinds of relationships. Just look at Continue reading

Platform Building.

3 Feb

Getting things in order

Not only do authors get to research, gather information, stay inspired, write a book, rewrite a book, edit their book, line edit their book, oversee the design process and book marketing graphics, they also have to beaver away and build their platform so that they have enough wonderful people to buy their book and spread the word to others to buy the book.

Right now it feels easier to let exhaustion wash over me as I wait for the release of Fairytale Love, How to Love Happily Ever After. The temptation to take on Sleeping Beauty tendencies and Continue reading


1 Mar

Goldilocks may have been the only character that actually slept healthily in the fairytale world without being tricked into it by someone wicked.

Relaxing makes room for new ideas to surface, intuition to rise, and greatly enhances creativity.

Buzzy finds a spot that is 'just right'.

Buzzy finds a spot that is ‘just right’.

What are you waiting for? Rest easy.

  • Find a big puffy bed, take off your shoes and have a snuggle-fest in some high thread-count sheets.
  • Use a beautiful soft wheat filled bag to cover your eyes and make it dark.
  • Leave empty spaces in your Continue reading