1 Mar

Goldilocks may have been the only character that actually slept healthily in the fairytale world without being tricked into it by someone wicked.

Relaxing makes room for new ideas to surface, intuition to rise, and greatly enhances creativity.

Buzzy finds a spot that is 'just right'.

Buzzy finds a spot that is ‘just right’.

What are you waiting for? Rest easy.

  • Find a big puffy bed, take off your shoes and have a snuggle-fest in some high thread-count sheets.
  • Use a beautiful soft wheat filled bag to cover your eyes and make it dark.
  • Leave empty spaces in your schedule.
  • Read a flowing novel, one that is easy to escape into.
  • Soak your feet in a basin of fragrant warm water.
  • Engage in people watching.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly, into your belly, not your chest.
  • Try alternate nostril breathing to gain clarity.
  • Lie on the grass, spread out your arms and legs and watch the sky float by.
  • Listen to music that moves you.
  • Soak in a spa or hot pool.
  • Sit outside and just do nothing.
  • Embrace stillness.

Excerpt from my book Fairytale Love.

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