2022. Feb 14. NZ Herald article – Self-love for Northland singles this Valentine’s Day.

2022. Feb 14. Good magazine.

2022. Feb 14. Interviewed by Chris Lynch on Magic Talk Radio about self-love, self-care and why Book Depository self help books along with other things are so good for our wellbeing.

2022. Feb 10.  Scoop Health article for Book Depository – Covid-19 Mental Health Experts Call For More Self-Love This Valentine’s Day.

2022. Feb 10. Interviewed by Danny Watson on Magic Talk Radio about Notified Vaping Products Consumer Safety Legislation.

2022. Feb 9. Media Release. Thousand of vapes become illegal under new law. Article in NZ Doctor.

2022. Feb 9. Quoted in an article on Stuff – How to beat the humidity: Tips from hair, pet and mood experts.

2021. December. Media Release – Seasonal Socialising Significant Barrier to New Year’s Resolutions for Smokers. Interviewed by Mel Homer on Magic Talk Radio Dec 26 and 28 Dec with Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB.

2021. December. Sun Live. The Bay’s news first. Thousands of smokers to stub it out this week.

2021. December. Media Release about the launch of Auahi Kore Aotearoa Mahere Rautaki 2025, the Smokefree 2025 Action Plan – article in NZ Doctor.

2021. November. Interviewed by Elizabeth White on Newshub Radio in regards to new legislation: The Smoke-free Environments (Prohibiting Smoking in Motor Vehicles Carrying Children) Amendment Act which comes into force on 28 November 2021.  Press Release on Stuff quotes me.  And NZ Auto Car Magazine. Also NZ Doctor

2021. Extended Lockdown Puts Addicts At Risk. Press Release quotes me as mental health expert. See

2021. Battling Addictions in Lockdown. 1st September. Interviewed by Danny & Leah at 1.20pm on Magic Talk Radio as to what kind of affect lockdowns can have on our eating, smoking and drinking habits. And at 7.10pm with Mel Homer on Magic Talk Radio.

2021. September. Smokers Say More Help Needed To Quit. Article about the findings from the Shosha Study.

2021. May 28. Article about Proposed Restrictions For Tobacco Retailers on NZ Retail  The Register.

2021. World Smokefree Day. 31 May. Interviewed by Magic Talk Radio about the Government proposal to reduce nicotine as the most effective way to quit smoking. Listen to me being interviewed about the Science of Addiction here

Quoted regarding a newly released Shosha study where the perceptions of over 2,000 smokers from around NZ evaluate the potential efficacy of ten of the Ministry of Health’s proposed initiatives in the Smokefree Action Plan- article in NZ Doctor. 

2018. Quoted on the dark side of social media on newshub.

2018. Quoted on why a person feeling suicidal won’t speak out while they are in a dark place on newshub.

2017. A funny wee clip on the news, where I’m interviewed about a rabbit plague!

2015. The Australian Women’s Weekly article Leanne French on Reaping the Benefits of Dry July.

2014. May 8. NZ Herald. 10 Old-Fashioned Tips for Keeping A Man Happy.

2010. NZ Herald. We won a gold medal and best in class for our olive oil.

My book, Fairytale Love was featured in the New Zealand Herald. It was the Editor’s Pick! It was one of the most read stories on Yahoo. I was also interviewed by The Hits Radio Station.

New Zealand Herald article Women Need to Stop Nagging, Men Need to Open Up More.

Articles about me were in Stuff, Voxy, My Wedding Magazine, Wairarapa Lifestyle Magazine, Femme Fitness and Showroom. The Daily News in Taranaki, the Northern Advocate in Whangarei, the Timaru Herald, the Wairarapa Times Age and the Wanganui Chronicle all featured press releases.

I was the Sparkle Advisor Columnist for Gems of Gorgeousness.

I have been employed as a weekly relationship columnist for New Idea, a monthly columnist for The Martinborough Star and have written freelance articles for Next magazine. I have appeared on television including being the dating expert on an Inside NZ documentary. I have had articles published in titles such as: New Zealand WeddingsWoman’s Day, Verve, Femme Fitness, Enhance, The NZ Herald, The Marlborough Express, Indigo and Scoop.

Online I have contributed expert advice for a number of ventures including Table for Six, Ovaltine’s Big Adventure, FISH, Johnson & Johnson, Home Concepts and FashionNZ for Pantene.

I enjoy my profile in the media and am called upon by journalists and PR companies for my professional opinion on a wide range of subjects. I am represented by one of New Zealand’s best Public Relations specialists

My other publishing success includes writing I am Brave, a delightfully memorable storybook published by the Wellington Free Ambulance, which combines fun characters with important information that could one day help save a life.

You may have seen me, my artist husband Greg and Giggles the happiest pig in New Zealand on the fabulous TV series ‘This Town’ Series One, Episode 8 November 23rd 2013 about Wairarapa made by JAM TV. (available to view in NZ but not overseas- we are about 9 minutes in.)

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