2023. Resolutions Are Out. Replenishing Self Care Is In.

31 Dec

If you’re scanning the horizon looking for the latest emotional wellbeing trends, the predictions will come as a welcome surprise for the exhausted amongst us.

It seems that constantly trying to make sense of what’s been happening in a world filled with uncertainty, unrest and upheaval has meant we’ve spent way too much time doom scrolling and over thinking. We’ve been like meerkats on high alert, constantly bracing our brains and bodies against the storm, causing resilience fatigue.

Emotional stress depletes us and calm revives us. We need timeout to lower our heart rate and blood pressure, to calm our tummies and relax our muscles. We need to find stillness to settle everything down, to breathe easier and to soften. It’s time to surrender, to find places to vanish into, to swan about in, and if that means spending more time in our bathtub dressed as a merperson, eating plant based ice cream listening to music, so be it. It seems we are all so over having to be strong that we’re more than ready to welcome in these stress banishing S words for 2023.

  • Simplicity.
  • Snippets of alone time.
  • Slowing down.
  • Savouring.
  • Sprinkles of joy.
  • Sleep syncing.
  • Staying active in a way that is fun and rewarding.
  • Soothing self care.
  • Seeking safe places for meaningful, emotionally supportive conversations, filled with empathy like online therapy!
  • Social media limits and detoxes.
  • Societal acceptance of therapy and mental health support.
  • Supplements that subtly enhance mental clarity, improve attention, and regulate mood under stress.
  • Stress management in the workplace becoming the norm. Counselling support for employees from companies. Check if your place of work provides EAP.

So here’s to a New Year of letting go and deciding what’s worth our precious energy. Here’s to casting a softer gaze on the beauty that surrounds us, to being tender with our feelings, to resting, recharging, and resourcefully finding more inner peace, embracing hope, and regaining our sense of deep connectedness, belonging, meaning and purpose.

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