Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall.

15 Mar
Thanks and credit to photographer nisharavji.com and her model Candy Smashing Thorne

Thanks and credit to photographer Nisha Ravji and her beautiful model Candy Thorne.

Mirrors allow people to see themselves, and can represent the way others see us.

Whatever answer we imagine, to the question “Who is the fairest of them all?” is really just the voice of judgment that rules every woman’s self-evaluation.

It’s clearly a mistake to rely on magic mirrors that believe we must rely on physical beauty alone. To measure how good we feel by asking society “Am I beautiful or not” is asking for trouble in the self-worth department. For some women, being caught in an obsessive pursuit for extreme beauty can actually have deathly consequences.

The Queen clearly envied Snow Whites beauty and sex appeal and had difficulty accepting her own age. Her competitive edge mixed with a fearful belief that she may not be able to keep a man if and when her looks fade, are an invitation to lose control.

Looking and asking for reassurance of beauty, without remembering to build a strong sense of self that celebrates other important things like talent, smartness, and wisdom is unwise. We as women have to find ways to accept ourselves, and others, even though we are bombarded with a somewhat destructive mirror of society.

There is an intense pressure to conform to an ideal standard. Something is wrong when our culture puts perfection, youthfulness, and how we “should” look up on a pedestal, and yet every day it challenges us. We need to “see” that not all is right with this picture. An incomplete sense of self can invite dissatisfaction and encourage unwelcome feelings of not being good enough.

(An excerpt from the book Fairytale Love.)

How about making today the day you look in the mirror and see that you are indeed the fairest of them all?

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