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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall.

15 Mar
Thanks and credit to photographer nisharavji.com and her model Candy Smashing Thorne

Thanks and credit to photographer Nisha Ravji and her beautiful model Candy Thorne.

Mirrors allow people to see themselves, and can represent the way others see us.

Whatever answer we imagine, to the question “Who is the fairest of them all?” is really just the voice of judgment that rules every woman’s self-evaluation.

It’s clearly a mistake to rely on magic mirrors that believe we must rely on physical beauty alone. To measure how good we feel by asking society “Am I beautiful or not” is asking for trouble in the self-worth department. For some women, being caught in an obsessive pursuit for extreme beauty can actually have deathly Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty?

25 Jan

How often are we like a Sleeping Beauty, sleepwalking through our days, our duties, our work and relationships, our lives? Put your hand up if you fall victim to dulling yourself, if you fail to notice the lush interesting activities that surround you, or if you forget to enjoy the spiky flora and fauna or admire the chirping birdsong that fills the air.

The first protea of the season.

The first protea I ever grew. Photo by Leanne French


Seek nature, moonlight and Continue reading

Get Thee To A Fairy Godmother.

23 Nov

For exactly half of my life now, I have devoted a lot of time working with individuals and couples, transforming difficult problems in imaginative ways, so I am a great believer in seeking creative solutions in times of stuckness. Looking outside of yourself and your relationship, sooner rather than later, for someone who uses their magic to coach, advise, counsel and support you, can be the difference between loving forever after and broken dreams.

A fairy & me at my fairy party when I turned 35 – photo by Hayley French

In Fairytales, a Fairy Godmother is a fairy with magical powers that is in charge of mentoring. She is someone who takes a particular interest in the upbringing and personal development of a select group of people that come under her umbrella of care. Times have changed so much. People don’t have or don’t make the time to be really present in that kind of way for others anymore. Our society hollers ‘Stay busy!’ ‘Distraction is good!’ ‘Disconnection is even better! ‘Drink this and all will be well,’ none of which create the space to be Godparent like towards Continue reading