Sleeping Beauty?

25 Jan

How often are we like a Sleeping Beauty, sleepwalking through our days, our duties, our work and relationships, our lives? Put your hand up if you fall victim to dulling yourself, if you fail to notice the lush interesting activities that surround you, or if you forget to enjoy the spiky flora and fauna or admire the chirping birdsong that fills the air.

The first protea of the season.

The first protea I ever grew. Photo by Leanne French


Seek nature, moonlight and beauty.

Mister flicky bug

Mister flicky bug – photo by Leanne French

Choose to feel the sun on your face, inhale the aroma of coffee, lick peanut butter off a spoon or sniff the fragrance from a rose, being very careful of course of any poisoned thorns.

Ask yourself: What do I need right now?

Respect your answer. Your feelings are your truth. Sometimes the answers are simple like ask for a hug, eat sushi, drink water and smile. Other times answers like walk away, don’t react or let it go; can get you out of a pickle. If you aren’t very good at receiving, learn how.

Say thank you and mean it. Welcome praise. Don’t brush it off.  If you are being offered love and you think that there is a hidden agenda, then you may not be really soaking up the love offered. Soak up love like sunshine.

Promise this week to stay awake to the beauty that surrounds you.

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