Set In Stone?

1 Feb


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” Pericles

Would you like to be remembered as someone who approached life in a calm and curious way, who lovingly affirmed and praised those close to you, or is it more likely that you are heading in the direction of leaving an imprint as someone who is frustrated, critical and irritated?

If you recognize that even a small part of you is heading towards the latter, here are several things you could do to invite more neutrality and less reactivity.

First and foremost aim to stay more resourced and rested so you are able to better manage your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and responses.

Fuel yourself with goodness, great company, inspiring environments and sensational solitude so that your cup has the ability to runneth over.

In your relationship; if it’s a specific thing that your beloved is doing that you don’t like, don’t forget to search inside yourself and see why you are choosing to respond the way you do. Is it a habit? Is it a learned behaviour from your past? Did someone in your family of origin do it this way? Is it what you think people in relationships are entitled to do? 

Decide if setting someone straight is truly worth bothering about. Consider whether doing it the way you are doing it invites a positive outcome or friction.

Be creative and have a willingness to pull a totally new response out of your bag of tricks.

Be curious as to why you may have a need to correct, control or be disapproving.

Try breathing and counting to ten.

Invite humour in. Why not crack a smile instead of pointing the finger?

Always remember that there is an option to remove yourself from most situations.

Focus on something that momentarily distracts you and then re-focus on your own exciting life that is ever flexible.



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