Get Thee To A Fairy Godmother.

23 Nov

For exactly half of my life now, I have devoted a lot of time working with individuals and couples, transforming difficult problems in imaginative ways, so I am a great believer in seeking creative solutions in times of stuckness. Looking outside of yourself and your relationship, sooner rather than later, for someone who uses their magic to coach, advise, counsel and support you, can be the difference between loving forever after and broken dreams.

A fairy & me at my fairy party when I turned 35 – photo by Hayley French

In Fairytales, a Fairy Godmother is a fairy with magical powers that is in charge of mentoring. She is someone who takes a particular interest in the upbringing and personal development of a select group of people that come under her umbrella of care. Times have changed so much. People don’t have or don’t make the time to be really present in that kind of way for others anymore. Our society hollers ‘Stay busy!’ ‘Distraction is good!’ ‘Disconnection is even better! ‘Drink this and all will be well,’ none of which create the space to be Godparent like towards others.

Struggles in life and love are unavoidable. How many times have you turned to friends for help and found that they have neither the training nor focus to resolve your situation?

Fairy Godmothers do more than turn pumpkins into carriages and mice into horses. They appear at the precise moment you begin to lose faith in your dreams. They listen to your wishes. They put your needs first. They support you. They set rules and boundaries that you will need to work within or things will return to ‘normal.’ They keep confidentiality. Their wand and information can never fall into the hands or ears of anyone else.

Being a therapist is a modern-day equivalent of a Fairy Godmother. Once we go down the track of molding our magic wands, learning to  listen with empathy, gathering many tools to guide, awaken creativity and enliven imagination, we are forever on high alert to common human conditions, busy piecing together threads from stories and considering ways to facilitate healthy decisions. A supervisor once wisely told me “There’s no turning back from the kind of attention we learn to bestow upon others who require it, even if we quit the job.”

So whether you need awakening from a Sleeping Beauty slumber, courage to determine your own Cinderella worth, guidance on how to create positive change in your attitude and actions or you just want to see your beloved as more of a Prince and less of a warty toad…Enrich your love and life decisions and get thee to a Fairy Godmother.

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