Finding Beauty.

30 Nov

Golden light fills the clouds and turns them the colour of toffee.  I feel a gentle breeze stirring and I’m thankful that for an early evening in autumn it’s still warm enough to sit outside. I catch a glimpse of how the early snow sits, like tears in wrinkles on the blackened mountain ranges that today seem closer. A mower drones on in the yard next door as a plastic bag dances in a unexpected puff of wind marching in from the south.

toffee sunset-photo by Greg Keith

I take a moment to capture the blessings this ever-changing landscape offers. It never fails to entertain and delight me in the simplest of ways.

The scent of a roasting chicken reaches my nostrils and I giggle. It drives our vegetarian son out of the house muttering something about his saliva daring to threaten his new found beliefs.

I place my hand on my heart and take it all in, this richness of color, this joyful tapestry of love, these scents. I breathe in peace and exhale gratitude for the ever present guardian angels that I know magically led us to this place, our home.

This is the beauty I have been searching for, all my life.

The clouds transform into the color of fire, painting the sky tropical as the birds fall silent and night crawls slowly in.

Fire coloured sunset -photo by Greg Keith

This writing of mine was dated 24/4/2001, which I found in an old journal today, inspired by an exercise in Natalie Goldberg’s book ‘Wild Mind.’

Whenever I slow life down I notice that beauty is always there, just waiting to be noticed. What beautiful thing did you take the time to notice today?

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  1. Created ~ November 30, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    I can picture it all. I really enjoyed this post.


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