That’s Just Nonsense.

9 Nov
The loveliest Owl and the Pussycat book and illustrations by Kevin Waldron.

The Owl and the Pussycat is a famous nonsense poem, written in 1871 by artist and poet Edward Lear about two critters who went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. His words, as absurd as they are, have the ability to conjure up strong images. What’s so interesting about reading anything created by someone else, is that our response is personal to us, and is coloured, either positively or negatively in some way by our own story.

Three different people with different outlooks and beliefs could close their eyes and see an owl and a pussycat getting married by a turkey and come up with three entirely different views and opinions. Unless the opinions are uplifting, inspiring, supportive and add to the enjoyment of the owl and the pussycat getting married by a turkey, maybe we all need to learn that it makes more sense to keep them to oneself?

A writer friend recently announced to the world that her book is available to purchase on What a fabulous, well deserved, celebratory time in her life. I love how she was able to shake off the tiny amount of hurtful comments (most probably from jealous eggheads) and was able to soak up the supportive ones. She is after all a highly evolved self-loving life coach! The story serves to remind me how quick some people are to burst other peoples happy bubbles.

In Lisa Selow’s book A Rebel Mystics Guide, Lisa uses her own compelling life stories and those of other women (including ones from history) to illustrate that you can radically rewrite your own life story, creating a happy, purposeful life.

Just because we all are exposed at one time or another to weird, fervent, fanatical, sexist, racist, zealous opinions on social media and traditional media, doesn’t mean we should roll over and accept that this is just the new way of the world.

We are creative beings, filled with choices. How we feel, and how we react to what goes on around us, usually stems from beliefs and values tucked away deep within. If we are conscious of these, we have the freedom to control how we feel about what we see and hear and experience. This can help in all kinds of situations, even nonsensical ones.

What is the point of trying to stop someone from dining on mince and slices of quince just because you don’t fancy that combination? There’s a line in the poem that says a Piggy-wig stood with a ring at the end of his nose. I would never put a ring in my pigs nose yet I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else they couldn’t or shouldn’t. I’m married to a man yet I support same sex marriage. Love is love is love.

Those who don’t want to dance by the light of the moon,  just step to the side and make way for those who do!

If more people were able to react less and question more, the world would be a much more kind and interesting place. How much nicer would it be to marvel and feign surprise and want to find out more?

I say yes to approaching life with a welcoming openness, even to things I might not like or understand…what about you?

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