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Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

19 Sep


Snow White. (Thanks Gabrielle Laubscher for the photo of your princess.)

Snow White. (Thanks Gabrielle Laubscher  for the photo of your princess.)


You are of course!

I forced myself to watch an episode of “botched up bodies” to remind myself  just how rotten the consequences can be when people become repulsed with what they deem to be unacceptable about themselves.

For some, there is still such intense pressure to conform to an ideal standard of beauty. It’s everywhere. Even in the fruit aisle at the supermarket. If it’s too organic looking with a lump or a bump or a spot, out it goes. Most times it doesn’t even get to go on display even though it’s bursting with deliciousness.

It seems so villanous to banish anyone worth loving because they might have flabby arms, a jelly belly, a bald head, or a flailing bank balance.

I hope that we can all learn to be more gentle, more accommodating, and place less emphasis on beauty and begin to celebrate other important things that reside within, like talent, smartness and wisdom.

What do you think? Does there seem to be an increased demand or pressure for people and things to be more perfect and how do you feel about it?

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall.

15 Mar
Thanks and credit to photographer nisharavji.com and her model Candy Smashing Thorne

Thanks and credit to photographer Nisha Ravji and her beautiful model Candy Thorne.

Mirrors allow people to see themselves, and can represent the way others see us.

Whatever answer we imagine, to the question “Who is the fairest of them all?” is really just the voice of judgment that rules every woman’s self-evaluation.

It’s clearly a mistake to rely on magic mirrors that believe we must rely on physical beauty alone. To measure how good we feel by asking society “Am I beautiful or not” is asking for trouble in the self-worth department. For some women, being caught in an obsessive pursuit for extreme beauty can actually have deathly Continue reading