Snow White And Rose Red.

5 Apr
Rose Red and Snow White

Photo credit and thanks to Nisha Ravji Photography and Models Sabina Vixen and Candy Thorne.

Snow White and Rose Red is a Brother’s Grimm fairytale about two sisters who shared a close and loving friendship with each other, where ‘No evil ever befell them.’

Their widowed mother taught them ‘What one has, she must share with another,’  so they effortlessly obeyed and shared whatever they had. This fostered the type of generosity and kindness that enabled them to offer shelter to a half-frozen bear who knocked on their door in the middle of winter, asking to be warmed. He became a trusted family friend, and when he left in the spring, they were sad. On their many adventures they encountered a deceptive dwarf, whom they ended up freeing from a number of traps. One day they came across him when he was carrying treasure, and he turned on them in a rage. Because ‘No evil ever befell them’ their bear showed up, saved the day, killed the dwarf, undid a magic spell, and once again became a prince. Snow White married the prince, and Rose Red married his brother, and they, you know, had a really great life with terrific dinner parties.

The last thing that friends who are rock solid want, is to lose the love and support they have. These are the types of experiences to be aware of, that in my experience, are likely to cause a rift:

  • a change in relationship status, especially if insecurity, lack of trust, or jealousy is present;
  • one of you enters a relationship with someone who exerts power and control over you, who all the while purposefully places doubt in your mind about the suitability of the people you know, which in turn isolates you and alienates others;
  • the birth of a baby;
  • infertility, or loss and grief of any kind;
  • addiction;
  • a change in your economic circumstances;
  • an injury or illness;
  • a success, accolade, or job that causes envy;
  • lying, betrayal, and/or behavior that destroys trust and safety;
  • domination or ego-centricity.

Strong friendships require some detachment, a lot of self-care, big amounts of respect, and a good dose of personal development.

Have you shared joys and sorrows with a best friend, and been able to weather the storms of change?

Or not?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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