How To Find Your Frog Prince.

3 May
unhatched princes

unhatched princes – sewn and photographed by Leanne French

  • Say yes to party invitations.
  • Frequent places you love.  Go to wine tastings, festivals, concerts, fairs and funparks. Pop into libraries and bookstores.
  • Branch out and attend things you mightn’t love so much. Community functions, meetings, lectures, funerals and christenings.
  • Hunt out a frog’s natural habitat. Places like: Audio visual stores. Hardware stores. Welding workshops. Martial arts. The gym. Sports games. Pubs. Golf. Car races. Ideal fishing spots. Surf competitions. Timber yards.
  • If anyone asks you to anything related to tech startups, go. Even if you don’t know what the term means!
  • Good single frogs often work late, so if any of your friends work in male dominated industries, bust into their workplace near closing time wearing an article of clothing that says – I’m sizzling and single. Yes princesses work in these industries too, my emphasis here is on places where there isn’t a man drought: Police, fire and emergency services. Politics. Sports media. Maths and science related careers. Accounting and finance. Chefs. Comedians and construction.

Find courage. Branch out. Be open to new possibilities and keep your journey light because it’s a lot more fun skipping along the road to happily ever after.

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