Finding Hidden Treasure.

17 May

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One of the reasons why being in therapy uncovers truth and causes discomfort so readily for people, is because it takes place in unfamiliar surroundings, with an unfamiliar person.

The therapist’s care, compassion, and intense focus on you can actually make it easier to find hidden treasure. When they focus on you and you focus on yourself, it makes it more difficult to become distracted or sidetracked. In fairytales, it’s akin to finding yourself alone in a dark cave or deep woods. Without distraction it’s so much easier to see how you operate. It also enables exploration of outcomes and generates a flow of creative possibilities.

It pays to trust that no matter what you discover and uncover, with good guidance, you will find the answers within. You always have the power to find your own way, even if birds decide to eat your trail of bread crumbs!

Searching deeply and getting an honest appraisal:

helps restore your balance;

creates focus;

enables you to recognize limits and set boundaries;

invites clarity around what you can and won’t do; and

encourages self-responsibility.

When you are able to get comfortable with your own discomfort, it can bring more aliveness into your existence. You are more likely to embrace change and welcome feedback.

That is the moment when difficult stuff transforms into treasure in disguise, and the magic and wonder begins to unfold.

Wherever you are in the world, if you want to book a very reasonably priced phone or email session with me, see my contact page. I would be thrilled to be able to assist you. Counselling doesn’t have to be conducted in a therapists room to uncover hidden treasure!

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