Lady Luck.

12 Oct


I love potential. I love seeing brave people going after their dreams, taking chances, combining talent with lady luck. I also enjoy most parts of reality shows that give people a chance to shine, whether they’re renovating houses, singing or performing in talent shows. What I enjoy less is the mocking and trashing that sometimes accompanies it.

Everyday-people can sometimes be too quick to pull down those who bravely step into the limelight. It’s almost like they want to level them. We have a terrible tall poppy syndrome in New Zealand. Rather than inspiring, supporting and wishing others well, some trash-talkers prefer to find fault and almost hope for amazing or different people to fail.

Why? Lack of compassion and understanding, underlying insecurity, and discomfort with difference are some reasons. Others are just threatened by the light and charisma that shines from great people. This is more apparent for those that have difficulty tapping into their own competitive drive and cannot seem to find a way to live their own dreams.

We need to well-wish more often and remember that nobody is perfect.

We are all individual snowflakes with our own amazing qualities.

Let’s believe in people and be gentle on them if they make mistakes or appear imperfect.

We need to bless others for their talent and find a way to be motivated by their bravery so that it can propel us forward in our own dreams.

And for the bullies who thrive on making fun of others, those who revel in nastiness (generally hiding behind a keyboard on social media) maybe they need to consider whether they would actually dish out the same poison if they had to deliver it in person?



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