Gruesome Twosome.

1 Nov
Zombie nephews. Photo by Hayley French at feijoadesigns.

Zombie nephews. Photo by Hayley French at feijoadesigns.

These two little treasures look iron depleted and could perhaps do with a good feed of spinach from our lush garden, but it’s Halloween and what they are really after is zombie brains and sweets galore.

Luckily their mother doesn’t belong to the fun police and nor is she a religious fanatic, both of which seem to push harder in the media every year to sanitize the darkness of Halloween. Why people continue to say it’s an American tradition is beyond me when All Hallows Eve is really a celebration dedicated to remembering the dead and was originally influenced by Celtic festivals where they feasted on apples, nuts and fruit from their bountiful harvest.

Nature has much to teach us about light and dark and good and bad. Famine is dark and morbid. Death can be gruesome. Glossing over dark and creepy things doesn’t always prepare us for the ups and downs of life.

The unsanitized Hansel and Gretel fairytale tells of their parents dumping them in the forest because the family was starving to death. And, the witch enticed the children with sweets so she could feed herself; on them! Why such gruesome messages? Because the idea is to instill just enough fear into young people to keep them safe from harm.

I think that children are so inventive and capable of reading between creepy storylines to realize there are creative solutions for nearly every life situation. When stories are SO dark, the light that is missing finds a way to ooze it’s way out simply because it has been overly omitted.

As a child, I worked out for myself that the witch in Hansel and Gretel was not to be trusted long before she proved it. Gruesomeness sharpened my instincts, what did it do for you?

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