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Are You A Space Taker Or Connection Maker?

18 Jan

You asked me for space by artist Soju Shots

A young photographer came into my shop this week and as it sometimes happens when it’s quiet and the energy is good, I got to work a little on-purpose magic.

She talked about her creative process and how she loves to wander with her camera, waiting for the moment to arrive that deserves capturing. She rolled her eyes at well-meaning relatives who direct her to take this or that.  When she goes to the beach with her boyfriend she said she can’t have quiet time because he is never quiet.

So I asked her Continue reading

5 Things People Do Wrong In Relationships.

16 Aug
Resolving Conflict

Illustrated by Clementine Sourdais.

1. We focus on what’s wrong rather than acknowledging and growing what’s right.

Ruminating on annoyances never makes them magically disappear. Instead we need to consciously manage our own reactions, responses and behaviours by curiously wondering what gets triggered within us when we feel wronged or annoyed. Or we could choose to just step away and skip merrily on our way, sidestepping obstacles. The more we involve ourselves in tasks that propel us forward and make us feel good, the better. See if you can stop, breathe, count to five and remind yourself of the value your loved ones add to your life.

2. We criticise rather than praise behaviours or affirm competence.

Think about how it feels when you have your less than fabulous traits pointed out to you in a way that doesn’t invite healthy discussion, kindness or creative solutions. People are so much more ready to give negative feedback than positive, and are likely to tell all who will listen about bad service rather than yell thanks from the rooftops about great service. Let’s all aim to spread more kindness around. Acknowledge. Affirm. Praise. Give Continue reading

Let Down Your Golden Hair.

26 Oct

Tower time. An excerpt from my book.

Physical and emotional solitude is splendidly beneficial for the renewal and healing of our minds, hearts and souls. Towers are symbolic places to go to set things right. When we position ourselves aside from dastardly distractions and duties, we reconnect with our essence and helpful, creative ideas bubble up from the serenity and remind us how to re-engage sumptuously with life.


Take the opportunity freely, rather than have some evil witch throw you in a locked turret, imprisoning you, forcing you to spend time alone.

Silence clears away the rubble, the critic, the negativity and the crushing pressure of an overloaded life. What you do with the peace and serenity is up to you. You could simply Continue reading