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Jack And The Beanstalk.

5 Sep

Jack and the Beanstalk

I adore finding “magic beans” in my garden. Every season a few magically evade picking and eating, so I save them to be displayed and squealed over and sometimes wonder what would happen if I went to a local Farmers Market and tried swapping them for a (pet) cow!

I have grown enough beautiful beanstalks to know that they require staking if they are to reach their full potential, just as I know that all relationships require support if they are expected to grow.

It’s not enough to just expect our union to blossom into something fruitful if we don’t take care of it. The giant who came a cropper in the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk really could have Continue reading

20 Ways To Fix A Grimm Relationship.

18 Jun
From Animal Man a DC Comic

From Animal Man – a DC Comic

The simple rules of how to happily co-exist in a relationship apply whether you’ve been together for one year or thirty years. I can usually work out within five minutes of observing couples, whether they are loving happily ever after, or not. When they are, it’s pleasant to be around. It’s a peaceful environment where praise, co-operation and kindness creep in. When it’s not, it’s Continue reading


Fun Friday.

18 Jan

Fun Friday

For date night I made a new kind of cake, adapting my carrot cake recipe to a rhubarb and ginger cake and I invited some crazy guests to join us.

Less Of The Big Bad Wolf.

21 Dec

With Christmas nearly upon us, I am mindful that extra stress, added pressures and a lot of time spent in each others company (often in confined quarters), can sometimes turn those already struggling to restrain their snappy selves, into snarling Big Bad Wolves.

Incredible art from Soju Shots

Incredible art from Soju Shots

Here’s my wisdom for you wrapped up in a big red bow:  If we continue to concentrate on the things that other people do to annoy, irritate or aggravate us, and if we highlight and chew over it long enough, it magnifies a problem and leads to more Continue reading

Five Ways To Fight Fairly.

5 Oct
  1. Conjure up calmness. Hit your mute button. Press your palms against a hard surface to release tension, count to ten and breathe low and slow into your belly.
  2. Remember why you love each other.
  3. Be willing to see your beloved’s vulnerable self, and come from that place within yourself.
  4. Hear what they have to say with open ears and an open heart rather than defending or justifying your position. Ask this question: What specifically do you need from me in order to feel better?
  5. Manage your words and behaviours. Be absolutely aware of what you could do or say that would escalate the situation or hurt the person, and always choose a respectful reply.

    fireworks photo by Hayley French