20 Ways To Fix A Grimm Relationship.

18 Jun
From Animal Man a DC Comic

From Animal Man – a DC Comic

The simple rules of how to happily co-exist in a relationship apply whether you’ve been together for one year or thirty years. I can usually work out within five minutes of observing couples, whether they are loving happily ever after, or not. When they are, it’s pleasant to be around. It’s a peaceful environment where praise, co-operation and kindness creep in. When it’s not, it’s

cold and sharp, disconnected, with a knife edge of discomfort in the air. If you are in a Grimm relationship, here are 20 helpful tips that you can begin to put in place immediately, whether or not you trust they would be reciprocated.

  1. Smile most times you clamp eyes on each other.
  2. Remember the basics of politeness. Say hello, goodbye, please and thank you.
  3. Refuse to talk over each other.
  4. Make room to be heard and to speak. Talk about your experiences and ask about theirs, with your ears and heart open.
  5. Don’t give or take blame or shame.
  6. Notice how many times you purposefully disengage and seek to close the gap.
  7. Re-engage by asking gentle, open questions.
  8. Make your responses to each other respectful.
  9. Don’t get around feeling ripped off, not good enough or unworthy.
  10. Avoid the urge to snap back, criticize or put down.
  11. Notice what they are doing well and praise them for it.
  12. Affirm one thing about your beloved a day.
  13. Do things you are good at.
  14. Tidy up your environment and take pride in it.  When you lovingly put energy into how your place looks and feels, it changes your own energy.
  15. Take a lighter hearted approach to difficulties.
  16. Inject an element of play into your day. Ask things like “Imagine if…”
  17. Think clearly.
  18. Feel deeply.
  19. Act wisely.
  20. As much as you possibly can, speak to others with love.





One Response to “20 Ways To Fix A Grimm Relationship.”

  1. Nikki June 18, 2014 at 6:45 pm #

    Hi Leanne
    Great post thanks. I really enjoy reading your
    Blogs when I get them.
    I found that one very helpful!!
    Take care and have a wonderful rest if the week!


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