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5 Things You Should Never Do On Valentine’s Day.

14 Feb


1. Be a sour cynic.

But it’s so commercial, so American, so expensive, so stressful, so lame, so overdone you might say? People, it’s just for one day. Grinches don’t like Christmas, Cinderella might not like Mother’s Day but you know what? At the stroke of midnight whatever day it is, it’s over with a poof of magic dust and then it’s another calendar day.

2. Think it’s only a day for loved-up couples.

Love is universal. Love is for singles, pets, children, the environment and couples. If you are looking for love and you feel it overly highlights your singledom, then read unique love stories to renew your hope, then go out and kick up your heels and be open to sinful desserts and guilty pleasures.

If you are single and happy, Valentine’s Day is an awesome excuse to treat and spoil yourself.

  • Book yourself in for a massage.
  • Eat your favourite food.
  • Unwrap your best, high cacao content chocolate.
  • Order a book you’ve had on your wish list for ages. (It’s easy online at Book Depository.)
  • Catch a movie.
  • Or implement a random act of kindness like giving muesli bars to a homeless person.

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Valentines Day.

9 Feb
A love cake for The Wolf

A love cake for The Wolf

Something that I like to do on Valentines Day is to create a theme and an atmosphere that sets the day apart from any other day. I am not sure why some people think that celebrating the love you have for each other has to be commercial, flashy or expensive when cake and a really fun conversation can create delightfully happy memories.

This year I’m going for a fairytale theme and here are my questions: Continue reading


Fun Friday.

18 Jan

Fun Friday

For date night I made a new kind of cake, adapting my carrot cake recipe to a rhubarb and ginger cake and I invited some crazy guests to join us.

Magic At Every Turn.

14 Dec

Ancient fairytales continue to weave their magic and surprise and delight us, even in these modern times. If we want love to spring forward from the depths and splash its way through our lifetime of love we need to invite in loads of little sparks of spontaneity. Unpredictably breathes new life into boring routines. There is always magic waiting. It hides around corners we never knew existed. In order to experience wonder and blissful moments we have to be open to them. We need to embrace the unknown, leave time and room in our schedules for last minute invitations, and follow cravings, desires and whims when they hit. Who doesn’t want to have wishes filled and true love fulfilled?  Spontaneity doesn’t just happen; we have to make it happen.

Date night

Us on Date night – chilling on a wharf watching the amazing night sky

Sharing time, intimacy, spaces, ideas, dreams and adventures keeps relationships strong.

The well of ideas: