5 Things You Should Never Do On Valentines Day.

14 Feb


1. Be a sour cynic.

But it’s so commercial, so American, so expensive, so stressful, so lame, so overdone you might say? People, it’s just for one day. Grinches don’t like Christmas, Cinderella might not like Mother’s Day but you know what? At the stroke of midnight whatever day it is, it’s over with a poof of magic dust and then it’s another calendar day. Or the same day on the other side of the world!

2. Think it’s only a day for loved-up couples.

Love is universal. Love is for singles, pets, children, the environment and couples. If you are looking for love and you feel it overly highlights your singledom, then read unique love stories to renew your hope, then go out and kick up your heels and be open to sinful desserts and guilty pleasures.

If you are single and happy, Valentine’s Day is an awesome excuse to treat and spoil yourself.

  • Book yourself in for a massage.
  • Eat your favourite food.
  • Unwrap your best, high cacao content chocolate.
  • Order a book you’ve had on your wish list for ages.
  • Catch a movie.
  • Or implement a random act of kindness like giving muesli bars to a homeless person.

3. Hang out with swooning new couples in jam-packed restaurants if you’ve been together for ages.

  • If you have shared a castle for ages why not escape for the day and break free of routine?
  • Carve out time in your day to go for a stroll or a bike ride.
  • String up some lights, light a candle and create an enchanting space to dine.
  • Turn on the grill and play ‘build a burger.’
  • Have a massive picnic in a meadow.
  • Forget about being sensible and eat your pudding first.

4. Splurge if you’re broke.

  • Don’t pay five times the usual price for a long-stemmed rose. Pick a bunch of heart-felt wildflowers.
  • Have dinner in a treehouse.
  • Play a board game.
  • Make food you’ve never tried before; think spicy, cheap and cheerful.
  • Make a play list of songs you both love.
  • Take glow sticks, a blanket, and a flask of hot chocolate into your backyard and nestle under the stars.

5. Have exceedingly high expectations.

Romantic treasure hunts, a night in a hotel, diamonds, pearls, sexy underwear, helicopter rides to exotic lunch locations, dinner at the best restaurant in the country, or even being proposed to, are for most people only once in a lifetime super- treats.

  • Try not to be a pouting prince or princess.
  • Soak up love like sunshine.
  • Focus on goodness.
  • See all that is good with who you are with.
  • Stay awake to the kind of love and lust and laughter that gets sprinkled through each day, because that’s what helps keeps the flame alive and dancing.

“To love, to love fully, to love deeply, requires that you hearten, that you raise their spirits, back them up, and uplift and inspire.” (Secret number 83 from Fairytale Love, How to Love Happily Ever After.)

Could you use a little help in the love department? Email leanne@wolfies.co.nz to enquire about a one on one or Skype session.

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