Reflect. Review. Revise.

20 Apr


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung.

A bit of soul-searching never goes amiss for those of us who like an opportunity for personal development.

Surfing and forest bathing are excellent contemplation activities but it’s another week until we can splash and wander so why not unplug, switch off autopilot, seek solitude and from a curious standpoint, reflect on what has happened to us, the world, those we love, and our place within all of it.

When we explore and process our experience, we gain a new appreciation and understanding of who we are, what we think and why we act the way we do.

How we deal with change, stress, restriction and uncertainty reveals a lot. It requires a mix of vulnerability and bravery to look at what we did well, or not so well. When we authentically question the effect we have on others, and seek to revise it, relationships have the possibility of transforming for the better.


Gibbs model.

Grab some paper and work through the answers. Or talk it through with a friend or partner in your bubble. If things surface that feel too difficult to change by yourself, a phone therapy session can be a great safe place to explore it further. You can also ask me a question on my Facebook page for free.

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