One Day at a Time.

28 Mar


It’s no wonder that Alcoholics Anonymous emphasize taking things one day at a time, because it helps make difficult changes more manageable.

Feeds are full of how to fill our time, even though some people might be run of their feet busier than usual, but what if you’re still in shock? Or, like me, feeling overwhelmed by the seriousness, not of the illness or isolation as such, but about our future after all of this, which today suddenly felt completely uncertain and a little bleak.

So here’s the thing. Uncertainty involving all-encompassing questions about the meaning and purpose of life and one’s place in the world in the future has an actual name. It’s known as existential anxiety. If we name it as such, it then becomes easier to know that over focusing on that, or worrying about it, negatively affects the present moment. Mindfulness and being in the now, allows us to let it go.

How I let it go, is to tell myself I have the internal ability to respond effectively to changing circumstances. I’ve helped hundreds of other people do it. I’ve got the skills. I’ve done it before. I can do it now.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • let go of wanting to control the outcome
  • know that there will be plenty of time in the future to problem solve
  • come back to this moment and tell yourself you are safe, and breathe low and slow
  • divert your overly wild imagination capable of coming up with worst case scenarios, into some kind of actual creativity where it’s better suited
  • welcome mundane tasks as a distraction to thinking
  • be at one with whatever you do, from brushing your teeth to preparing meals or sorting the pantry
  • stick to routines as they settle your soul
  • ground yourself, go outside, feel the breeze on your face and listen to the sounds around you and tell yourself you’re doing a great job. Your co-operation is contributing to the greater good.

Thanks to my beloved Wolfie for making my amazing graphics.

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