Don’t Blurt What Might Hurt.

23 Apr


In these socially distant times, spending more time online is one way to help satisfy our basic human longing for social inclusion. After nearly a month, people are saying they’re beginning to feel emotionally drained, restless and disappointed in the way some people are treating others.  Others find themselves bombarded by overly strong opinions, forceful comments, put downs or really rude, sharp answers to reasonable questions, comments or status updates. When the comments stay public, they invite more negativity.

Unfortunately, because people bring to social media the ways they behave in real life, social engagements aren’t always going to be nice. They’re going to be mood dampening, inconsiderate, lacking in empathy and respect, and they can range from rude to downright toxic.

Are admins on “local” groups moderating enough to ensure safety and positive engagement? Let’s thank those that are. Are we brave enough to step away from drama and endless exchanges that make us feel crappy? Do we feed or starve the trolls?

The rule of thumb is stay away from those who look to

  • inspire inappropriate comments
  • say or write everything that crosses their brain
  • rant and rave
  • tell you what you should do
  • operate out of power and control
  • denigrate, demean or put down
  • highlight inadequacies
  • repeatedly get into arguments about content they don’t believe in
  • be cruel
  • condescend
  • objectify
  • poke fun
  • express hate, violence and use constant bad language
  • not respect privacy.

Not everyone thinks the same and why anyone believes they can change that by blurting hurting, is kind of nuts. We need to support others, speak up and out, step away, scroll on by, report, block and not accept bullying or negativity as our new norm.

Let’s be kinder, congratulate others more often, offer encouragement, uplift, and contribute in positive ways.




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