Kindness is Cool.

14 Apr


Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelms the world. Desmond Tutu.

In these uncertain times, acts of kindness, gentle words, praise, encouragement, warm smiles, considerate behaviours, helpfulness and thoughtfulness are more important than ever.

Co-operating with lockdown rules is an act of united kindness. We’re all in this together,  doing our bit, for the greater good.

Kindness not only magically lifts the spirits of those giving and receiving, but even onlookers to kindness have increased levels of the happiness hormone in their brain.

We can be of service to humanity in many different sized ways. It doesn’t have to cost much time or money. At home we can make sure our partners, children and pets feel seen, appreciated and loved. We can praise more, respond with empathy and gentleness, and be more considerate of their feelings. It’s much easier to be the kind, self-regulator of loving, less emotionally reactive responses when we remember to be kind to ourselves first.  We can be kind in our communities by

  • Expressing gratitude.
  • Thanking people who have made a difference in our lives.
  • Keeping our comments positive and uplifting on community pages.
  • Putting aside goods to gift when we are able to again.
  • Letting a parent or elder go ahead of us in the grocery store line if they only have a few things.
  • Gifting food to animal shelters.
  • Leaving a message on a post or blog that we enjoy.
  • Supporting local businesses when we can afford to.
  • Having a judgement free day.
  • Complimenting someone.
  • Championing a business we believe in.

There is potential for kindness in every encounter, which is pretty cool.

I’d love you to share what flavour of kindness you’ve spread lately?

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