Raising A Prince.

27 Jul
magical moments

magical moments

This week Prince George of Cambridge was born to proud parents William and Kate.  Whilst you and I may not have a child third in line to the throne of England, those of us raising our own prince or princesses know that they, like any lucky parent, are in for an exciting journey of bravery, truth and unconditional love.

Raising a child well is a priceless contribution to society.

It has been a very long time since our Little Prince Jared was a baby, but not long enough to forget the trials and tribulations that parents are confronted with. What other job sees you woken at unknown intervals to check a temperature, fetch cool flannels, empty buckets of sick, massage mysterious growing pains, or chase monsters out of the room?

Luckily the joy far outweighs the stress. Visions of our darling little creature sitting on his beanbag with his face planted in his dinner tray, almost snoring, totally exhausted from his first day at school, makes a marvellous memory imprint. No one would swap the incredible joy of seeing his first smile, hearing thousands of giggles, watching the budding of his independence, relishing his fascinating works of art, and nor would anyone have wanted to miss the buzz when new friends were made, and things were learnt.

He is a wonderful grown-up now and still the flush and excitement of hearing a new song he has composed or seeing him in love with his princess is priceless.

We like to imagine that reading fairytales together, and debating things like what kind of magic seed Thumbelina grew from, perhaps helped grow his wonderful imagination and wicked use of words he has and uses today.

Even the royal couple won’t be able to give their child everything, but they and you and I can motivate, inspire, guide, and keep them from being carried off by toads, captured by beetles, and persuaded by mice to marry moles.

Most of all we can encourage children to know how to eventually get what they need for themselves, and hope that when they grow up they will be happy.

May Prince George live a sparkle filled, joyful, charming life.

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