8 Ways To Become More Mindful.

17 Aug
magic in the clouds-photo by Leanne French

magic in the clouds-photo by Leanne French

1.    Watch your thoughts come, and then watch them go; just like clouds floating across the sky.

2.   Watch one cloud at a time, and tell yourself how interesting it is to observe that particular cloud.

3.   Breathe and wait for the kinds of thoughts to come that you want to have hanging around.

4.   If upsetting thoughts continue, just go back and focus again on your breathing.

5.   Breathe in, and breathe out. Low and slow.

6.   Take your attention out to the sounds you hear, and then take your focus back to your steady breath.

7.   Be aware of your physical self.

8.   Feel your back leaning against your chair, and feel your feet press against the ground as you slowly breathe in and out.

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