Believe In Magic.

17 Apr


Wisdom whispers calmly. It sometimes appears as emotional or physical sensations in our body. When we purposefully look and ask the universe for guidance, answers can show up as synchronicity and co-incidence. Whispers speak from our unconscious and they surface in our nightly dreams. Whispers contain solutions to our questions and they allow our daydreams to bubble to the surface.

Throw all of those meaningful messages into a cauldron. Mix in a dash of intuition, add a dose of practicality, and stir well until clarity appears. Boil down until decisive choices that stem from a deeper knowing emerge, and you will be magically nudged forward on your path.

Whispers of wisdom gently guide us towards the kinds of friends and teachers that suit us best. They cajole us in the right direction. Rather than question the direction, it’s helpful to remember that the universe often has a plan for us that’s bigger than the one we have for ourselves.

From the section Listen to the Whispers Within, from Fairytale Love – How to Love Happily Ever After, by Leanne French.

Do you believe that intuition is a sacred gift?

How has it kept you safe before?

Are you trusting it now?

I’d love to know your stories x

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