How to Beat Back to Work Blues.

13 Jan


Forget the dread of “having” to go back to work, and instead say to yourself that you “get” to. Turn dread into gratefulness. Feeling gratitude for the time off you were able to have, increases feelings of happiness.

Reframe the first day back into it being just another day, and think about how good it’s going to be for your brain to sink its teeth into future challenges. 

Be sure to get plenty of sleep, not only the night before you start back, but all week. Being refreshed is important to help you cope with an added workload. Remember to avoid bright lights and technology for at least half an hour before you hit the pillow, and make sure your room is dark.

Pack a healthy, delicious lunch, one that gives you enjoyment. Think about changing out your water for sparkling water at least for the first week. If you eat lunch out, feel grateful that you have the finances to do so. Savour each mouthful and make sure what you read or the conversations you have over lunch are joy filled.

Take one of your inspiring, happy holiday photos to work and place it where you can see it. Place your hand on your heart and smile when you glance over at it. Let it anchor you to the good memories you had on your break.

Know that it’s a necessary thing to clip the ticket and work to earn money, to not only survive, but thrive. Extra finances help towards being able to plan and look forward to the next day off, weekend away, or holiday. Having things to look forward to keeps hope in your heart.

The first week back, make sure you put aside some fun and relaxing time for yourself after work, while the summer days are still long and the sun and light extend into the evening hours. Use the time to go for a walk and soak up the beauty in your neighbourhood. 

Make meals simple, or pre plan so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Have a tidy house to come home to.

When you’re back at work, avoid being a perfectionist, at least for the first week. Instead be realistic about what you can and can’t get done. Relish ticking things off a list when they are completed. Try not to clock watch. Stay as mindful as you can on the tasks at hand, remembering to breathe low and slow often and to stop and stretch. 

Be sure to plan a treat for yourself at the weeks end, for a job well done.

You’ve got this.

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