20181028_102545Leanne French – author of Fairytale Love. How to love happily ever after.

I’m a Registered Counsellor (MNZAC) Relationship Expert, Addictions Counsellor, Artist & Author who can

  • empower you as an individual
  • enrich relationships
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • transform addiction
  • enhance creativity
  • encourage and uncover purpose and passion.

I have 30 years of experience and work in a powerful yet compassionate way.  I’m trained in many modalities from mindfulness to CBT to positive psychology, and thousands of clients over the years have felt comfortable confiding in me and working collaboratively to achieve the transformation they desire. I have a passion for wellbeing and I live my life with a desire to inspire and uplift.

BOOK AN ONLINE TELEHEALTH therapy session with me to:

  • uncover and reveal your strengths
  • recognise and transform ineffective patterns
  • and communicate in ways that create positive change.

Contact me by:

EMAIL hello@leannefrench.com

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On this site I offer affirming, accessible resources to enrich your love and life decisions.

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